6KG Front Loader Fisher&Paykel Laundry - 'Pre-owned' in Tanjong Rhu Road, East Singapore for sale

6KG Front Loader Fisher&Paykel Laundry - 'Pre-owned'

A reliable laundry machine that does the job very well. My whites are still white, and delicate clothes are still intact. That's one expects from a neat washer. It's also good at taking out all smells and stains that it should.
Easy cleaning (incl. detergent drawer), spotless drum even after repeated wash and smells great. A great choice for household of 2-4 family members.
6kg capacity | Powerful 220-240v, 2000-2350w motor | Excellent range of wash cycles | Effortless operation
Reason for sale:
International relocation with different v/wattage hence the sale. If not for that reason, I would have retained this good hassle-free laundry.